Anonymous asked:

I keep going back to a guy because I'm lonely. I just want someone to love, and I know he isn't it--but he and I spend nights together, and for that time, the void is filled. It's not healthy, because in the end, I walk away just as alone and even more upset that I don't have anyone. How does someone break this habit? :/

sexual-feelings answered:

you have to cut him off cold turkey, love, and only you can decide when you’ve reached that boiling point. fill that void in a healthy way by meeting new people- get a job, take a class, join a gym, volunteer, join a club or sport, etc. so that you feel less lonely. have someone that you can talk to when you’re feeling the urge to hit him up, or write down how you’re feeling and why it’s a bad idea so you can get those feelings out in the open. meet some new people, seek comfort in the friends/family that you do have, and then make the decision to delete his number, block him on social media, whatever it takes for you to focus on yourself and fill that void in ways that don’t hurt you even more at the end of the day.